Our Board of Directors

Vic Boyer

San Antonio Mobility Coalition
TAoT Board Chairman


Drew Campbell

Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition/Capitol-Insights
TAoT Chairman-Elect

Vice-Chair Legislative Relations


Michael Reeves

Texas Association of Realtors, Lubbock
TAoT Past Chair

Panhandle/West Texas Regional Representative


Steven Albright

The Associated General Contractors of Texas
TAoT Board Secretary


Anne O'Ryan

AAA Texas/AAA New Mexico
TAoT Board Vice Chair - Financial Management


Andrea French

Transportation Advocacy Group - Houston

TAoT Board Vice Chair - Communications


Brandi Bird

Bird Advocacy & Consulting

TAoT Board Vice Chair - Research & Education


Chris Fisher
Port of Beaumont

Southeast Texas Regional Representative


Guy Andrews
San Angelo Economic Development Corp.

West Texas Central Regional Representative


Matt Geske

Austin Chamber of Commerce

Austin Regional Representative


Larissa Philpot

Nacogdoches Economic Development Corp.

East Texas Regional Representative


Elizabeth Grindstaff

Brazos County

Brazos Valley Regional Representative


John LaRue

United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce

Coastal Bend Regional Representative


Desirae Manzaneres

El Paso Chamber of Commerce

El Paso Regional Representative


Sergio Contreras
Rio Grande Valley Partnership

Rio Grande Valley Regional Representative


Pete Saenz, Mayor, City of Laredo

Laredo Regional Representative


Jeff Williams
Mayor of Arlington; Chair of
Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition

Fort Worth/Arlington Regional Representative


Cory Floyd

Northeast Texas Regional Representative


Scott Stewart

Texas Council of Engineering Companies

Jennifer Woodard
AGC of Texas


Garland Galm

Civil Engineering Consultants


Bob Lanham

Williams Brothers Construction Co.





Jim Reed

San Antonio Medical Foundation


Brandon Janes

Jackson Walker LLP - Austin


Who We Are

Transportation Advocates of Texas (TAoT) is a non-profit group made up of local governments, mobility coalitions, port authorities, economic development organizations, regional alliances, state associations and employers dedicated to helping find solutions to the mobility challenges facing Texas. We are committed to providing leadership in the pursuit and maintenance of sustainable transportation financing solutions to fund the infrastructure investments needed to serve a fast growing state.


What We Do

When Transportation Advocates of Texas was organized in 2010, it had a mission -- finding a way to bring together many advocates to more effectively engage members of the Texas Legislature and state leaders in support of additional resources to address a growing highway funding gap. State leaders answered the call with Proposition 1 in 2013 and Proposition 7 in 2015. Texas voters gave them overwhelming support. Sustaining this funding and subsequently adding to it will be required to catch up with more people, more vehicles and miles of aging roads and bridges.


Legislative Advocacy - Keep the Promises: TAoT works with members of the Legislature and state officials. We have assisted in development of significant additional funding sources in recent legislative sessions. Even more funding will be needed in the years ahead to address growing congestion, safety, air quality and efficiency challenges. TAoT urges lawmakers to keep the promises made to voters by fully appropriating
highway funding as provided in voter approved Prop 1 and Prop 7 and by resisting any future effort to resume diversions from the State Highway Fund to agencies other than the Department of Transportation.


Building Public Awareness: Texas’ highway network is the backbone of its economy. To improve mobility and adequately fund major transportation system upgrades it is important to have the support of citizens, business leaders and property owners. TAoT members continue working to build a grassroots network to help the public understand that delays in addressing mobility problems will inevitably result in more traffic congestion, greater economic losses, missed job opportunities and higher safety risks. Along with public awareness and advocacy, TAoT proudly works to recognize the efforts of those who champion transportation and the vital role it plays in commerce, family life and public safety.