2050 Population Forecast

2010 US Census - 25,145,561

2016 Est.. - 27,725,192

2045 Projections - 39 million

(Texas Data Center 2017)






Sunset Report Executive Summary

TxDOT is undergoing review by the Sunset Commission. This is a summary of the draft staff report reviewing their findings during the review process.

Sunset Draft Report on TxDOT Excutive Summary- November 15, 2016


Interstate 69 Implementation Strategy Report

TxDOT has assembled an Implementation Strategy for the process of building out Interstate 69 in Texas from the Rio Grande north to Houston and on to Texarkana, following and upgrading US 59, US 77 and US 281 for more than 1,000 miles. 207 miles of the system are now part of the Interstate Highway System.

I-69 Implementation Strategy - March, 2016 (4.3 MB)


Texas Freight Mobility Plan 2016

This is the state's first Freight Plan. It identifies Texas' freight transportation challenges and outlines needed investment strategies and policies.

Texas Freight Plan - January 2016 (11 MB)


TxDOT Sunset Self-Evaluation

This is the agency's report to the Sunset Commission submitted in 2015

TxDOT Self-Evaluation- September, 2015 (3.3 MB)


TxDOT Presentation on Legislative Actions

This is a slide presentation presented to the Texas Transportation Commission explaining legislation actions. It includes graphic displays of the impact of various measures on funding

TxDOT Legislative Summary - August, 2015 (1.2 MB)


TxDOT Summary of 2015 Legislative Actions

This is a 75-page comprehensive summary compiled by the TxDOT staff and goes beyond just funding issues.

TxDOT Legislative Summary - August, 2015 (2 MB)


TAoT Handout - Fact Sheet #4 of 2015

This is a review of the legislation passed by the 2015 Texas Legislature and the mechanics of SJR 5 if it is passed by the voters in Prop 7.

TAoT Handout - June 25, 2015 (367 KB)


TAoT Handout - Fact Sheet #3 of 2015

Fact sheet previewing the House debate and vote on additional funding for highways.

TAoT Handout - April 24, 2015 (718 KB)


TRIP Economic Development Report

This report looks at how needed projects impact economic development in Texas communities.

TRIP Report- April 24, 2015 (289 KB)


TAoT Handout - Fact Sheet #2 of 2015

Outlines competing Senate and House funding plans.

TAoT Handout - March 25, 2015 (175 KB)


TAoT Handout - Fill the Funding Gap 2015 #1

TAoT lays out the need for $5 billion more a year in contract lettings to keep congestion and pavement conditions from deteriorating further and calls for incremental steps to fill the funding gap.

TAoT Handout - Feb. 16, 2015 (160 KB)


Statewide Highway Funding Summary

TxDOT has developed a Statewide Funding Brochure that outlines the needs of highway and rod funding in the state as part of the process of involving Texans planning for the future of a reliable transportation system in the state.

Transportation Funding, December 2014 (845 KB)


2014 Interim Reports

The House Transportation Committee and the House Select Commitee on Transportation Funding have presented their interim reports to fellow member of the 2015 Legislature.

Select Committee Report, December 2014 (2.5 MB)

House Transportation Committee Report, December 2014 (2.8 MB)


UTP Historical Review and Future Opportunities

This presentation to the Texas Transportation Commission traces the history of the state's Unified Transportation Plan which is regularly updated. It shows how funding swings can be significant and includes statewide maps representing area of priority projects.

UTP Historical Review and Opportunities, September 2014 (1.4 MB)


Past, Present & Future Transportation Funding

This comprehensive testimony was presented by TxDOT to the Texas Senate Select Committee on Transportation Funding, Expenditures and Finance during a June hearing. Includes numerous graphs and tables to explain how the funding system has evolved.

TxDOT Testimony Document, June 24, 2014 (700 KB)


Transportation Governance & Finance Report

This groundbreaking report covers all 50 States and looks at each state's approach to governance and paying for its transportation system. It was prepared by the National Conference of State Legislatures in cooperation with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)..

May 2011 (PDF: 2.5 MB)


House Transportation Committee Interim Report

This report provides a valuable summary of the current status of transportation funding in Texas and responds to the interim charges presented.

December 2012 (PDF: 2 MB)


TRIP Names Top 100 Highway Challenges

This report by TRIP lists the 100 most deficient highways and bridges in Texas in 2013. The Top 10 list includes some of the state's major interstate highways, crushing energy sector demand and the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge.
January 2013 (PDF: 215k)


I-69 Advisory Committee Final Report

After more than 4 years of work the I-69 Advisory Committee presented the results of hundreds of hours of community meetings and stakeholder participation. It recommends continued upgrade of existing highways as part of I-69 development and presents priority recommendations set by local community representatives.

December 2012 (PDF: 4.3 MB)


Energy Sector Roadway Needs Report

Texas has seen a tremendous increase in energy exploration and production in recent years. TxDOT has requested an additional $400 million to repair damage and $600 million per year of teh biennium to strengthen and widen roadways and bridges that will soon be impacted.

December 2012 (PDF: 442k)


Panama Canal Impact on Texas Freight System

The Panama Canal Stakeholder Working Group presented their report to the Transportation Commission in December. It concludes that the greatest impact will be on cargo EXPORTS from Texas including agricultural products, chemicals and LNG.

November 2012 (PDF: MB)


100 Most Congested Roadways 2012 Report

TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Institute produce this report based on roadway inventory and traffic volume data. Topping this year's list is a 3.7-mile section of I-35 West in north Fort Worth.

September 2012 (PDF: 299k)


TAoT Presentation to 2012 TML Conference

Board Chairman Jim Reed gave an update on the state of transportation funding during a presentation to the Texas Municipal League's annual conference on November 15th.

November 2012 (PDF: 680k)


Good News, Bad News Handout

This two page handout shows how good news is overshadowed by congestion and declining dedicated transportation funding. Print your own copy.

November 2012 (PDF: 210k)


2012 TRIP Mobility Report

A national research organization estimates that crumbling roads, safety issues and congestion cost Texans as much as $2,000 a year per driver due to higher maintenance costs, traffic crashes and time lost to delays.

October 15, 2012 (PDF: 400k)


Just the Facts on the Funding Crisis

Print your own copy of TAoT's fact-filled transportation funding crisis information card.

May 2012 (PDF: 210k)


2013 TxDOT Strategic Plan

TxDOT has submitted its biennial five-year Strategic Plan to the Legislative Budget Board. It contains the goals, objectives, priorities and measures for delivering the state's transportation system and devising new transportation solutions.

Issued June 2012 (PDF: 2.9 MB)


Texas Rural Transportation Plan 2012

Aftera year of pubic hearings and district-by-district priority setting, the state has adopted a Rural Transportation Plan that is an integral part of the Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Issued June 2012 (PDF: 3.6 MB)


I-35 Advisory Committee Report - 2011

This is the full report of the advisory committee including details of the work of four segment committees. It is a citizen-driven plan dealing with needed improvements to I-35 from the Red River to the Rio Grande.

Issued August 2011 (PDF: 12 MB)


Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan 2035

This is the Executive Summary of the full 2035 Plan adopted by the Transportation Commission in late 2010. It is a comprehensive blueprint for the coming decades and is intended to guide the collaborative efforts of state, local and rgional decision-makers and other stakeholders.

Adopted November 2010 (PDF: 2 MB)


2030 Committee 2011 Update Summary

The 2030 Committee appointed by the Transportation Commission released their original report on state transportation needs in 2009. In 2011 they issued a update called: It's About Time: Investing in Transportation to Keep Texas Economically Competitive."

Issued March 2011 (PDF: 3.4 MB)


Texas Rail Plan

This plans sets out policy, direction and vision for the state in compliance with both federal and state regulations. It provides a description of existing and proposed rail systems and projections for future demand. The Executive Summary is provided in the following link.

Adopted November 2010 (PDF: 2 MB)